Blue Anon, leftist Q-type conspiracy theory, sweeps the nation as Big Tech buries it

Blue Anon, a popular term for conspiracy theories that collectively comprise a growingly paranoid, suspicious, and aggressive movement by the left, has swept the United States into a state of chaos, division, and hate.

According to Red State:

“‘Blue Anon’ is an apt descriptor for the nearly illiterate opinion-makers on the left who seem to be working overtime to come up with ridiculous theories to explain why it is that so much of the policy agenda of the radical wing of the Democrat party is so unpopular.  Here are some examples which should fall right in the heart of the ‘Blue Anon’ definition — hyperbole or not (sometimes it’s hard to tell).”

Joy Reid claiming that Republicans would give back all the tax cuts in order to be able to use the ‘N’ word without restriction.   Now that sounds like hyperbole, but Joy Reid lost the benefit of the doubt on that question a long long time ago.”

“I {Redstate} wrote a story a couple of days ago about the San Francisco talk show host who believes the accusers of Gov. Andrew Cuomo are operatives on behalf of the NY GOP, with the goal being to have Cuomo step down in order to get a Republican elected to replace him, and that new Republican Governor would then pardon Pres. Trump for any violations of NY law.  His tweet in that regard got thousands of responses agreeing with him –some wondering why it took him so long to figure that out.  All the media — including CNN and MSNBC — were in on the plot, as evidenced by the fact that they were covering the story at all.”

“Lastly — for our purposes here — there is a story out today calling attention to the new media narrative that BLM protests last summer were non-violent, unlike the Jan. 6 ‘riots’ by white supremacists who were all Trump supporters.”

On March 6th, Blue Anon was added to the Urban Dictionary; by Sunday March 7th, the listing had been removed. Additionally, if readers wish to research Blue Anon, don’t use Google; Google won’t display any search results for the term that’s obviously triggered leftsists.

If readers want to learn more about Blue Anon, they will have to utilize Duck Duck Go or a darker search engine; the media is working hard to erase the term itself. Before Google and Facebook scrubbed the internet of Blue Anon, the most popular Blue Anon incidents of the last year were recounted by Michael Savage as part of the conspiratorial movement.

The largest conspiracy perpetrated by Blue Anon’s this year, however, is the idea that conservatives are plotting mass riots and a hostile takeover of the US Capitol, while BLM riots rage on across the country. The Capitol Police and Nancy Pelosi’s claims that Three Percenters had planned a violent attack on the Capitol March 4th is another example of Blue Anon craziness; furthermore, National Guard troops are expected to remain in place at the Capitol until at least mid-Summer…for Nancy and the left’s “safety.”

Blue Anon is all about public safety…by whatever means necessary, just like its counterpart BLM.

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The censorship never stops!

Russ Wood

Still goes to confirm that leftists have no sensa yumor!

Steven Phillips



Should mass spam the heck out of Urban Dictionary.

Definition of Urban Dictionary –
Dictionary created by cowards and hypocrites who censor anything to the right of Stalin despite claiming to be urbanized (for the people, by the people).

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