BLM & MAGA unite Jan 13th to protest COVID vaccine

On January 13th, protestors from BLM, MAGA, and all walks of life further to the left, right, and in between will protest A11179, legislation that would make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all New Yorkers.

The bill is especially troubling considering the New York legislature votes Wednesday on A416, a bill for a law that would allow the governor to force quarantine suspected cases until medical compliance is reached. Together, the two bills give the Governor Cuomo and health authorities the power to force vaccinate New Yorkers who aren’t “compliant” with COVID-19 safety measures, including masks, social distancing, and receiving the vaccine.

The protest on Wednesday, January 13th at Pfizer (235 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017), begins at 11am.

Event flyer

The website states, “One of the oldest strategies of ruling elites throughout time is ‘divide and conquer.’ Exploit the possible differences within those who are ruled to set them against each other, and leave the elites alone. We have seen that in abundance since the arrival of Covid-19.

“On January 13 beginning at 11 am, a demonstration will be held at the global headquarters of Pfizer, the world’s largest drug company, at 235 E. 42nd Street in Manhattan to protest forced Covid-19 shots. BLM, MAGA, Democrats, Republicans, everybody is welcome who agrees that we should decide, not government, what is injected into our bodies, and our children’s bodies. Be there.”