BLM insurrection at Iowa state Capitol Thursday

In a startling attempt at an insurrection Thursday afternoon, BLM breached the Iowa Capitol in Des Moines and staged some kind of arbitrary political display while yelling “I can’t breathe,” apparently a reference to George Floyd, who couldn’t breathe because of the deadly amount of fentanyl he had just ingested.

Readers probably will not hear much in mainstream media news about the outright attempt at taking over the Iowa Capitol; insurrections are only newsworthy when they’re perpetrated by white Trump supporters. BLM gets a free pass to riot and destroy government property because 2021 is woke.

Several insurrectionists were arrested, and one was tased by police; BLM rioters cried out that police had arrested a child in the chaos. The child in question, a young female, assaulted a police officer in the video above.

It’s only an insurrection, and it’s only newsworthy, when BLM isn’t the perpetrator of violence and destruction.