BLM: Brady Super Bowl win is racist

BLM says everything is racist because that’s the name of the organization’s game; it’s hard for dissenters to argue the actual mechanisms of racism. Many people, especially white people, feel battered into believing, or at least pretending to believe, that racism is an actual growing concern in the US; it’s not.

There’s no data to support the notion that racism is worse now than it was four years ago, or ever, much like there’s no data to support increasing ageism, transphobia, or sexism in the US; racism has become a vague concept that the left uses to induce compliance, much like COVID-19.

In the extreme left’s latest attempt to frame actual everyday life as racist, BLM and it’s fanatics have labeled Tom Brady’s Super Bowl win as “racist.”

Brady has been called racist many times, namely for , but recently he’s been labeled as racist for “winning,” which BLM has not prescribed a remedy for. Does the organization believe Brady should’ve intentionally lost the game so that Mahomes, the black Chiefs quarterback, could win? Does a black quarterback winning the Super Bowl end racism?

BLM and it’s fanatics such as simply cry racism anytime the narrative doesn’t go their way. Anderson recently cried foul when Denver Health didn’t apprise him of his mother’s health situation quickly enough for Tay’s standards, which triggered Tay’s twitter crises of racism. That’s the only argument political agitators know, racism, which in this case is a white person winning the Super Bowl. How dare he not throw the game and intentionally hand it to a black man so that racism could be forever solved.