BLM advocates murder white 3-year-old

Ariel Robinson, a former educator, and her husband Justin are charged January 20th in the killing of their three-year-old adopted daughter Victoria Smith.

The Robinsons were charged after a January 19th, call to the police for a medical incident. Victoria Smith was pronounced deceased of multiple blunt force traumas to her head. Ariel Robinson was a contestant on the 2020 Worst Cooks in America show on Food Network. She was also a “comedian” who frequently tweeted about racism from her comedian Twitter handle.

Robinson’s BLM advocacy hasn’t been reported much by the mainstream media, but if the situation were reversed, the outcome in the media would be disastrous…

“Two Proud Boys advocates kill black three-year-old.” The riots of 2020 wouldn’t hold a candle to what would ensue if two ultra-right-wing activists murdered a black toddler after tweeting about racial disparities in their homes for ten months.

The tweets Robinson sent out to her followers painted a picture of a racist BLM woman who hated her daughter for being white. Robinson, a comedian of sorts, is an angry person…mostly angry with white people.

Ariel Robinson’s Twitter reads like a loving obituary for all black criminals who disobeyed police commands and were shot by police in the last three years, which is a popular way of thinking in 2021. Twitter considered the crime could be considered racially motivated.

The Robinson’s are both charged with murder by child abuse, and both will receive bond hearings on February 12th. Two black parents, both BLM advocates, one of which uses her platform to complain about what she construes as constant racism, adopted an innocent white toddler who depended on them for every breath she breathed. Those BLM advocates later killed innocent three-year-old Victoria via blunt force trauma to the head.

If two white Proud Boys or Three Percenters adopted an innocent black child, frequently tweeted about racism and the disparities between the black child and their white children, and then later viciously murdered her, you might have heard of the story by now. There would be robust news coverage, nationwide riots, CPS buildings would be burnt to the ground, and AOC would be tweeting about it.

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James King

How the fuck does 2 ignorant rascist black trash pieces of sh_ _! Ever given the authority to foster a lil innocent girl.. The system that complains and cries about racial injustice systemic racism actually placed this lil girl in the care of racsist trash killers. The should be hung inn the public square…

Jason Griffirh

The proud boys and 3 percentages aren’t racists in the first place. For God’s sake, the leader of the proud boys is a man named Enrique Tarrio. He’s half black and half hispanic. The media has portray both of these groups in a negative light because these groups are PATRIOT groups that stand up for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Not the Democrat party, which has been shown to be adamantly anti-American. BLM is blatantly and adamantly a racist hate group. They’ve done NOTHING of benefit for the black community and has caused the senseless killings of 40 innocent people over the last couple of years. People that simply disagreed with them, or wore clothing they didn’t like, or had political views that they didn’t like. One victim was a 5 year old white boy who was just riding his bike on his street and was shot point blank by his black,… Read more »

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