Blackouts headed to the US?

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Early Sunday morning, a massive blackout swept the . The same issue occurred in early Sunday morning. Both were the largest blackouts to sweep their collective regions for decades.

Conspiracies on social media state that the Vatican blackout could be related to Italy’s sworn affidavit testifying to US election fraud.

Italy affidavit

Citizen journalists in Washington, D.C. have photographed multiple shipments of generators arriving in the Capitol this week.

Washington, D.C.

Conservatives, especially those who lean towards Q-Anon, are busy tweeting that arrests are imminent. Lin Wood and a host of others tweet that blackouts will be used to make arrests. Those people still believe that Trump will be President for a second term.

Allegedly, according to the hysteria surrounding blackouts, President Trump will utilize the Emergency Broadcast System to communicate when blackouts sweep the US.

There’s no solid rationale available as to why the US blackouts would occur. If they do remains to be seen.

Conservatives across Twitter and Facebook are warning each other to stock up on food and ammunition. Many believe that the Vatican and Pakistan blackouts are a symbol of impending US blackouts.

The Colorado Herald