Black on Asian crime soars per usual, contradicting white supremacy and China virus narrative

This week, two black teenage girls in Washington, D.C. attacked an innocent Asian under driver and killed him. The race of the girls has barely been mentioned by the media, and no one has called the girls racist…because they’re black. They got a free pass because this is 2021, the year of wokeness. Wokeness, though, at its core, is nothing more than racism against white people.

Also this week, two attacks by black people on Asians were perpetrated in New York with no mention of actual racism by the media and no calls by Uncle Joe for equality amongst “heartbreaking racism.”

Those attacks, however, don’t fit the white supremacy narrative the media is pushing this week. In fact, not even the Asian spa massacre was race-driven. Despite the media and Biden’s attempts at passing such a narrative, the shooter admitted he had a dire sex addiction. Nevertheless, the media is working hard to convince white people of their inherent racism.

Several media outlets are attempting to paint Georgia officials involved in the spa shooting investigation as “racists.” In particular, the initial Sheriff called to the scene was labeled racist for old social media posts calling Coronavirus the “China virus,” and apt term for the family of Coronas unleashed on the world by nefarious Chinese workers in a Wuhan lab.

“Georgia official who said spa shooting suspect had a ‘bad day’ appeared to promote racist COVID-19 shirt” reads one of the hundreds of woke headlines attaching racism to someone who rightfully calls the China virus by its deserved name.

The media wants you to believe you’re racist against black people and Asians.

In 2018, as evidenced by actual data, “Blacks are 280x more likely to commit violent crimes against Asians than Asians are to commit crimes against Blacks.” For every race other than Asians, the most common perpetrator of violent crimes and hate crimes is their own race. That’s only not true for Asians, whose major perpetrator against their community is black people.

“Racism against Asian Americans is heartbreaking. How do we talk to our kids about it?” reads another headline. Perhaps we could start by talking to the black community rather than pushing white supremacy on innocent Americans and blaming the term “China virus,” a fitting term for the family of Coronas unleaded on the world by China.

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Willy B Willi

It just go to show
dat no matter where you go
it always be da negro
don’t you know

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