Biden’s border crisis is a violent drug and rape-fueled attack on Americans

The border crisis is perhaps one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent memory. Project Veritas revealed pictures of the crisis at the Texas Mexico border, which shows hundreds of kids per pod lying on the floor wrapped in foil.

Meanwhile, mainstream media, which is barely reporting on the crisis, attempts to distract readers with Miami Spring Break news…insisting that Americans should be more concerned about kids drinking margaritas in the street is somehow more dire and dangerous than thousands of people with “Coronavirus” swimming and crawling into the US each day.

The border crisis is indicative of Joe Biden’s presidency; like Governor Polis and other blue elected officials, the only goal of a Biden presidency is to impoverish, weaken, and eventually destroy the American people while fulfilling the CCP globalist agenda; let all immigrants cross the border, and let them traffic and sell drugs while destroying the fabric of the nation.

CCP China and George Soros are delighted with this outcome; America has been a liberty stronghold for too long. The country needs more sick, infected rapists and drug dealers.

Biden does not care about the American people; he is destroying the country…not even slowly. He’s ripping it apart from the inside, and no one can do anything about his tyranny. Biden was content to allow US soldiers to sleep in a crowded parking garage while they “protected” him and Mama Pelosi from Blue Anon concocted right wing threats, but he is now spending $86 million dollars on hotel rooms for illegal immigrants.

Jen “Circle Back” Psaki for Biden’s assault on innocent Americans. Last week, “she noted that the CDC is rescinding COVID protocols to accommodate the number of migrants at ‘full capacity.’

Got that? You cannot eat at a restaurant at full capacity, and your kids may not be able to attend school. But the CDC has changed its guidelines to accommodate the ever growing number of illegal border jumpers.

US Border patrol officials are to arrest more sex offenders at the US Mexico border this year than any other year. Drugs and violence at the border are “surging” more than CNN claims a new variant is sweeping the nation each month.

Smile, put on that mask, and do your part to save Grandma…and don’t mind those pesky coyotes and sex traffickers selling your children fentanyl-laced drugs. It’s for your safety, you racist.