Biden: “Migrants are more important than US Citizens”

Have you received your $3,000 stimulus check for the week? Oops! That payment isn’t for Americans. Instead, those $3000 per person funds are for migrant lodging as the crisis continues at our southern border.

Along with , he has also made provisions of roughly $3,000 per person in hotel accommodations for migrants crossing the border, to the tune of $85,000,000. Migrants are allotted over twice the lastest $1,400 stimulus check, for hotel accommodations alone. Acting as if is not hanging in the balance, Biden is placing the welfare of illegal immigrants above American citizens.

Biden believes you’re worth $1400, but illegal immigrants are worth $3000. Let that sink in.

Furthermore, the funds are meant as a peace offering and much needed distraction from the humanitarian issues Biden has directly caused at our border. . According to NPR, “ migrant children are in the custody of Health and Human Services where they spend 34 days on average, officials said.”

Excluding the allotted 72 hours, migrant children are being detained for an average of 744 hours over our limit, directly violating our policies. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to the border crisis, as the US is expecting a potential of two million migrants crossing the US-Mexico border into the US this year alone.