Biden calls for mask mandates as Texas proves masks don’t work

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Because China and the CCP have a lot of excess masks to sell the US, Beijing Biden and his ilk are pushing masks harder than ever before. This morning, Biden cried, “please…so we can go to ball games…please put the mask mandates back in place.” Let that sink in. Meanwhile, China was on the phone ensuring Biden sells another few billion masks to his eager constituents hell bent on “safety.”

Despite the fact that masks don’t prevent the spread of the family of largely survivable Coronas, Biden and the Democrats want you to keep wearing them “for your safety.”

The Governor of Iowa lifted the mask mandate February 7th, and “cases of Coronas” have dropped significantly since then.

Iowa cases

States without mask mandates have fared the same, if not better, than states with mask mandates for two reasons:

  • Masks do nothing and can tend to make people sick.
  • “Cases” were and still are contrived, exaggerated, and counted unfairly.

In the graph above, states with mask mandates (Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) are compared to states without mask mandates (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri). The trajectory of the “virus” is exactly the same; masks are worthless. Masks are political theatre, as Rand Paul last week.

Texas lifted its mask mandate March 2nd. Matthew McConaughey was “” because he thinks he has the knowledge to run for Governor and has determined that masks are life savers. In all actuality, McConaughey brokered massive PPE deals in March of 2020 via the Bank of China and the Communist Party. The actor purchased billions of masks directly from the CCP via a chartered flight and has a vested interest in Texas’s mask theatre.

Fearful liberals begged Biden to somehow override the state of Texas and make everyone wear masks. Across social media, mask fans cried, “but cases are going to skyrocket! We will all be dead in two weeks!” Neither of those things happened, and Texas “cases of Coronas” have reached since the mask mandate was lifted March 2nd, lending credence to the science that masks make people sick.

On the , in a study “Community and Close Contact Exposures Associated with COVID-19 Among Symptomatic Adults ≥18 Years in 11 Outpatient Health Care Facilities — United States, July 2020,” the CDC forgot to hide the portion of the study wherein they examined how many people who contracted “the virus” wore masks in the 14 days leading up to a positive test.

For those who tested positive for COVID-19, only 3.9% reported never wearing masks, with the same percentage reported rarely wearing masks. Respondents who sometimes wore a mask accounted for 7.2% of positive diagnoses, and 14% usually wore masks leading up to their diagnoses.

A whopping 70.6% of the positive cases reported “always wearing masks.” The mask wearers got sick! The non mask wearers stayed relatively healthy. 

The study adds substance to prior studies that claimed that most people who got sick during the 1918 pandemic fell ill to bacterial pneumonia, from .

Since we know that most people with symptoms “of the virus” who present to healthcare facilities are labeled as COVID cases, we can ascertain that many of them have bacterial pneumonia and associated illnesses caused by masks. In fact, the mingling of pneumonia, flu, and “the virus” has been a lingering misstep. Too bad the PCR tests show positives for anything in the “corona family,” which is anything.

So what does the CDC and government do when they have a bacterial pneumonia problem caused by masks? They label it “” which is reminiscent of “Coronavirus cocaine overdose” or “Coronavirus suicide.” Between October and December of 2020, the CDC realized that they could expand Coronavirus pneumonia into an even more general term, in order to increase case counts.

The CDC has created “PIC,” short for pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-related illness. It doesn’t really matter if someone has pneumonia or flu anymore; it’s all COVID-19, and the CDC, per their is expecting a large “surge” of PIC this season.

Texas is experiencing less cases of “PIC” because less people are wearing masks, which cause bacterial pneumonia. Therefore, the number of sick people in Texas in general is decreasing, causing the appearance of less COVID-19 cases, whatever that really means.

Nevertheless, Biden is basically in tears, asking elected officials across the nation, to please reinstate their mask mandates. He’s begging, he’s pleading…and the CDC Director is also crying today-literally.

For some reason, Biden and the CDC are worried and in tears today about mask mandates and “cases” skyrocketing. Biden almost sounds like a little kid caught with his hand in the CCP cookie jar. Right now, he and the CDC can explain Texas’s success away as an anomaly, and there’s enough media-created science blasted on Americans each day to counteract the under-reported successes of such states as the Dakotas and Florida.

Masks have never worked, and they’re not going to “flatten the curve” a year later. The reason Biden and the CDC don’t want mask mandates to be lifted is multi-faceted:

  • The more states that lift the mandates, the quicker Americans will realize the depths of the shamdemic.
  • When that happens, government control is quickly lost as it pertains to the vaccine.
  • The anti-COVID-19 vaccination movement undermines years of planning for a universal vaccine passport.
  • Masks create fear and division, with non mask-wearers attached to white supremacy and Donald Trump by the media. The Biden administration is not done fanning the flames of racism to create a one party system of communism.

There is no useful science behind masks, and the Texas experiment proves as much. Your mask is a symbol of your obedience, your willingness to allow the government to control you, your complicity in being labeled a racist if you don’t agree, junk science, political theatre, the communist party, and China. It’s also making you sick and resentful.

Biden is begging you, however, to keep it on.

The Colorado Herald