AOC’s new brand of terrorism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has tweeted since the Capitol riot on January 6th that she was traumatized and feared for her life while locked in the Capitol building most of the day. She was not at the actual Capitol building, and her “trauma” is a ploy. AOC, in fact, was an entire 0.3 miles from the Capitol building, allegedly hiding in a bathroom.

When a well-intentioned police officer came to AOC’s insistence, she said that she was skeptical of his intentions.

“‘It didn’t feel right because he was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility,’ she continued. ‘And things weren’t adding up.'”

“’At first, in my brain, in my mind, I’m thinking, Okay, I just came from this super-intense experience right now. Maybe I’m reading into this, right? Maybe I’m projecting something onto him that — maybe I’m just seeing anger, but maybe he’s not trying to be angry,’ AOC recalled. But later, she said, she was also uncertain if the officer was there to help or hurt and had sized him up in the event he needed to fight him. Neither could read the officer’s intent.”

“’Like so many other communities in this country, just that [police] presence doesn’t give you a clear signal if you’re safe or not,’ AOC explained. She said that the officer gave her and G instructions to go to a street-level area of a different building.”

However, as AOC explained, she decided to “trust” him. Her unfounded and completely dangerous suspicion of police officers was never questioned by the media or her peers, and the simple statement that she maybe shouldn’t allow the officer to lead her to a safer area represent’s AOC’s new brand of terrorism;

“TWEET NOW, degrade police officers, make the public mistrust the men in blue even more because it suits my agenda. Truth be damned…the right is comprised ONLY of terrorists, and I will ensure that the public believes nothing else. Politics, Congress, and the general public will believe anything I say…I AM the voice of the people, and any other voice is terrorism” seems to be the game.

AOC’s lies meant to manipulate her constituents and the general public into believing that some massive trauma has inflicted her psyche, as well as the psyches of so many other leftists, equate to nothing more than a new brand of terrorism…leftist guilt terrorism. AOC’s usage of her elected position to propagate fear of police officers is dangerous and offensive; she should be punished IF Congress is handing out punishments for basic everyday terrorism and inability to lead constituents in meaningful ways.

AOC was not inside the Capitol building on January 6th; she was safe inside her office building. Although the building is connected to the main Capitol, AOC was never threatened, her life was never at any risk. Cortez’s tweets and lies are representative of a larger problem, leftist guilt. It’s acceptable to label any right-wing activist as a terrorist, but labeling left-wing activists such as BLM and Antifa agents as terrorists is downright unacceptable, thanks to the media’s selective bias.

In fact, AOC’s insistence that white or right-wing terrorists aren’t treated or prosecuted as harshly as Muslim terrorists put her hate for white people and conservatives on full display. Terrorism is defined however uneducated and ill-prepared lawmakers choose to define it, and that’s a slippery slope. But AOC herself is a terrorist; she’s nothing more than a paid agitator like Tay Anderson. She brings nothing to the political table other than her hate for conservatives, attempts to sway the public’s opinion of them, and attempts to label Trump supporters as terrorists. Her politics are dangerous and alarming, and Congress’s treatment of AOC versus its treatment of Marjorie Taylor Greene is biased and unconstitutional.

Map from New York TimesA

And to be fair, leadership in Georgia should be ashamed of themselves; if the best representative of the people, sent to run against Democrats in such a highly contested time and geographical area, is MTG, then the Republican party, including its voters, is in massive trouble. Greene is as much of a political farce as AOC, but the treatment of AOC by her peers and the media is a world away from the praise and love AOC receives for her “trauma” and general rebel-rousing.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an abomination, but so is AOC…where is the outrage about her lies and “trauma” baiting? And where is the outrage over her basic everyday terrorism and BLM terrorism, if that’s what the media is labeling everything? AOC, however, loves BLM; the terrorist organization is a bedfellow of the Congresswoman, like so many other Democrat elected officials.

Are nineteen civilians dead? Almost 800 police officers injured? Thousands of businesses destroyed, looted, and billions of dollars in damage across the USA? No big deal. But how dare those Capitol rioters…AOC is a victim, and she will have you know about it. In fact, she’d even remind voters that she survived sexual assault as if that is somehow relevant to the conversation about the Capitol riot. Those injured and killed by BLM in 2020 and 2021 are not victims; only the media and leftist terrorists like AOC can play victim politics.

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson also slammed the two-term lawmaker, saying on his primetime show Wednesday, ‘There were no rioters in Sandy Cortez’s hallway. Trump voters weren’t trying to kill her, neither were other US senators.'”

AOC only knows victim politics; she’s frequently a victim of something, be it poverty, womanhood, the color of her skin, sexual assault, and now this massive lie. Not one lawmaker has stepped up to the plate to “punish” AOC for her lies, as they have done with Marjorie Taylor Greene and her antics. Democrats have doled out “punishments” to MTG, including stripping her of her committee assignments while allowing Congress’s biggest paid agitator to remain largely unchecked.

Victim politics is not politics at all; it’s race-baiting, woman baiting, and it does nothing to serve the people of New York or the people of the USA. AOC does not serve her constituents; she stirs up controversy in a vague attempt to smear conservatives, and that’s all she knows how to do. AOC’s lies and manhandling of Congress and the media lead to censorship of conservatives and a paranoid worldview about those who don’t think like her and other bartenders. She and her constituents would be better served if rather than continuing to act as a domestic terrorist, she went back to the bar and began mixing cocktails for people again. AOC is not a victim of anything save for her own terrorism, but her “survival” may be easier in a bar setting than a secured building 0.3 miles away from a riot.