Vax deaths: 1.2% of Michigan vaccine recipients have died, higher than COVID-19 death rate

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In the greatest human trial ever perpetrated on Americans, if it’s even a trial at all, almost 250 people in Michigan who were vaccinated have tested positive for COVID-19.

Only half of those who tested positive for the family of Coronas have hospital data available. For those patients, out of 117 people vaccinated, 11 patients were hospitalized. Of those hospitalized patients, three people died.

Instances all over the internet show that vaccinated people still catch whatever COVID-19 is. It’s almost every day that a news story turns up pointing to an individual or group of people who received the vaccine and then test positive for COVID-19. The vaccine is not preventing any “spread,” similar to the hoax of masks and social distancing.

Four people in Hawaii tested positive for the family of Coronas after receiving the vaccine in February, and the same occurrence happened in Oregon in February. Several people also tested positive for Coronaviruses in California in February. Since then, the CDC and mainstream media have launched a concerted effort to convince people not to test for Coronaviruses after receiving the vaccine. Why? It’s for your safety.

Residents of long-term care facilities who are receiving COVID-19 vaccines are dying at an alarming rate. The New York Post reports that twenty-three people in Norway have died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, with thirteen of those deaths directly from the vaccine…all long-term care facility residents. As Kelly stated, the public should not be alarmed. Norway is also probing the deaths of two more elderly people who died last week after receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

The Commons on St. Anthony, a nursing home in Auburn, New York, saw twenty-four deaths since December 21st, which the Rand Paul Institute questioned on January 5th as attributable to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. However, the facility, via Julie Sheedy, its representative, maintains that the deaths were from COVID-19 or old age, not the vaccine. Sheedy will not provide the number of elderly vaccinated residents who died since December 22nd.

Last month in Florida, “WKMG checked and the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County has six documented breakthrough cases while Sumter County has six and Lake County has 26 cases, according to emails from each county’s spokesperson.”

The COVID-19 vaccine is indeed proving to be more deadly than COVID-19 itself. In 2019-2020, 63.8% of children between 6 months and 17 and 48.4% of adults got the flu vaccine (more than 50% of Americans). Deaths in Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports less than 500 deaths in 2019-2020. While 26% of the US population has vaccinated for Covid, VAERS is reporting almost quadruple deaths in 2021 from vaccines.

As we demonstrated in December, even months ago, before mass rollouts, the COVID-19 vaccine injury rate is higher than the COVID-19 death rate. However, as more people become vaccinated in the US, the COVID-19 vaccine death rate is emerging as higher than the COVID-19 virus death rate.

A vaccinated Minnesota nurse has now tested positive for COVID-19 in Mexico, and she is forced to quarantine there with an armed guard at her door. The vaccine didn’t protect her from anything.

What does this vaccine actually accomplish? If Michigan is any indicator of what exactly the vaccines are accomplishing, then the answer is: nothing. At least, the answer must be: nothing good for the American people.

The Colorado Herald