You’re literally killing the nurses

Remember when tested signaling messages to determine whether guilt, shame, or fear was the best motivator for inducing vaccine compliance?

We can probably ascertain that the federal government decided to use fear and guilt as motivating factors for getting a vaccine or wearing a mask…it’s all the rage on mainstream media and social media. “Nurses are our heroes. They’re tired. Stay home.”

Yale’s messages

Now, in Wave 2 of communism, readers are hit with an onslaught of guilt and fear inducing feelings. If you aren’t wearing a mask and ate dinner with your family, you’re literally killing nurses.

Nurse virtue signaling

If you don’t listen to the government, you’re killing our nurses. They’re tired, they’re overworked, and they’re scared. Are they, though? Or is that just a group of nurses making noise and virtue signaling because that’s what they are supposed to be doing right now?

Americans have been lied to, but how does the public overcome the fact that they are nurse murderers? How many times this week have readers heard the word “frontlines” as if this is World War 2 or an actual deadly pandemic?

When did we reach full communism? Are nurses going to soon ask Americans not to drink at bars or not to do drugs because they’re “tired?” When signing up to be a nurse, were students told that healthcare will always be easy, and that if you don’t like what society is doing, or it’s making your job harder, the solution is to shaming people into compliance?

Relax, it’s all part of the plan. But to the nurses “on the frontlines” who “don’t want to do this anymore” or are “so exhausted” from the flurry of people checking into hospitals with the sniffles, you, like our public school teachers, have a choice. You can quit your job.