Why does a COVID-19 vaccine contain HIV?

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Nobody knows why, but a vaccine trial this week in Australia was halted because several vaccine recipients later tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus, HIV.

According to the New York Times, “The Australian setback showed the missteps that can inevitably occur when scientists, during a pandemic that has killed more than 1.5 million people, rush to condense the usual yearslong process to develop vaccines into a matter of months.”

Common sense by New York Times

The vaccine trial was scrapped, and Australia will from elsewhere. However, the University of Queensland and CSL, have offered no explanation for why the vaccine contains HIV fragments, and no major manufacturer has addressed the issue.

was quick to fact check the issue, claiming that the vaccine won’t give recipients HIV. The larger issue is totally ignored. Why does any COVID-19 vaccine contain HIV?

Still, five days after the vaccine recipients tested positive for HIV, not one scientist, physician, or media source has explained why the vaccine contained HIV. Which other genes are spliced into the vaccine? COVID-19 isn’t deadly to healthy people, but be careful which vaccine you choose; it could be an actual deadly virus.

The Colorado Herald