Weld Co Sheriff Steve Reams: I won’t enforce a mask mandate

Steve Reams, Weld County Sheriff, refused to mandate masks when Governor Polis mandates them back in July. He has maintained that mask mandates are totally unconstitutional. Reams’ pro-freedom and individual rights stance has aligned him with downtrodden Coloradoans across the state. He’s become a sort of figurehead for those oppressed by King Polis’ endless mandates and crushing executive orders.

Sheriff Steve Reams

Reams, proclaimed last night in a that he will not enforce mask mandates, even if they come from a national level, as in to create a national mask mandate.

Reams writes:

“If Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president, his plan to fight Covid is to issue a mask mandate. As a County Sheriff I can’t (and won’t) enforce a federal mandate/“law”. I’m sworn to enforce State Law and abide by the constitution of the US/Colorado (in that order). I have no authority to enforce federal law (for good reason) and mask mandates aren’t state law or federal law (yet).

“I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear a mask if you are an “at risk” person for Covid. I’m just asking that law enforcement be left out of the equation. Be smart and do what is best for you!”

Sheriff Reams’ commitment to individual rights in the face of corrupt CCP propaganda is a political flex that should be imitated by his colleagues and higher ups. A frequent attendee of freedom rallies, friend and ally to Coloradoans across the state, and staunch opponent of riots, looting, mask orders, and Polis’ hundreds of mandates, Reams’ political future is bright.