Wave 2 claims toilet paper and paper towels again

As if Americans haven’t been through massive fear mongering once or twice already (depending on the state), we have a toilet paper issue again. There’s also a shortage of paper towels, rubbing alcohol, sanitizer, face shields, and everything else the average American needs for a second wave of communism.

Costco Indianapolis, IN

Apparently no one told literally the entire country that again, people will live through this 99.98% survivable virus, and no one needs eighty-nine rolls off toilet paper. Newsflash…none of this is going to prevent you from getting the Rona.

The only thing that’ll prevent Rona contraction is staying home. Since those who stay home don’t need gallons of sanitizer and hundreds of masks, COVID-19 fanatics must be stocking up on communist supplies so they may continue fear mongering.

This. Is. Insanity. Welcome to the Great Reset.