CO taxpayer funded pro vax campaigns?

Via Immunize Colorado, tax funded vaccine propaganda is only about 30 days away.

Look for a bill to fund vaccination campaigns with taxes. That sounds outlandish, but the mainstream media is running with Immunize Colorado’s communist ideas. is well on its way to drafting pro-vax tax funded campaigns, and with a Dem-controlled house, the battle to enact such legislation isn’t that steep.


Mainstream media is abuzz with the news today that the vaccine arrived in Colorado. We should all be thankful to the “frontline” workers, the scientists who made the vaccine, and even the delivery people (as if they had a choice in the matter).

Who is we?

Immunize Colorado, the only Colorado-based 501c3 dedicated to “educating” the public about the glory of vaccines, will be heavily involved with the vaccination roll out plan and corresponding media campaigns.

Nobody knows why something that is so great needs a media campaign, but here we are.

In September, Immunize Colorado launched the Colorado Vaccine , which should scare tax payers. The task force is dedicated to ensuring that black and brown people have priority receipt of the coveted COVID-19 vaccine. From Immunize Colorado’s website:

“As COVID-19 disproportionately impacts communities of color, and as these same communities are increasingly targeted with misinformation about vaccine safety, it is evident that systemic racism continues to drive a serious public health crisis in Colorado and beyond.”

Vaccines are racist now? Or the people who administer the vaccines are racist? Who’s racist? Whatever. This is 2020; everyone is racist.

Tax payers should be alarmed that a non-profit organization so bent on ensuring vaccination compliance (or any other compliance), comprised of unelected officials much like our health departments that have wreaked havoc on local economies during the Virus Scare of 2020, has so much power over both the state and local governments as well as the mainstream media.

The whole premise of a vaccination campaign is scary and unnecessary. If people don’t want the vaccine, let them reject it; this is the USA, not China. Be ready for a bill in 2021 that asks you, the taxpayer, to fund campaigns to convince others that they should get a vaccine.