Vaccines are here; line up, sheep!

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The first vaccine ever to be developed in less than six months, despite that neither the USA nor any other country has successfully developed an HIV vaccine or cure for cancer, has arrived. Line up, sheep; this is going to save your lives.

Polis’ Rona hands

No, the vaccine will not prevent the spread of the virus with a 99.98% survival rate, but it will lessen your symptoms of Rona, allegedly. Read that again; the vaccine will NOT prevent spread or contraction, the two most triggering pieces for COVID vax fans. But you’re supposed to be really excited about this new handy dandy shot…because Rona.

9News coverage of King Polis

King Polis was present for the arrival of the first Communist markers in Colorado, despite his husband and his contraction of the deadly Rona just seventeen days ago. That doesn’t matter anymore, though; we are onto the next phase of lost freedoms. King Polis wants the within 72 hours of arrival into Colorado; make it happen, “frontline” workers.

Polis’ Rona hands manhandling the Rona vax

King Polis even man-handled the Rona vaccinations with his deadly virus hands, an action that should trigger the COVID-insane.

C19 vax care

Stand in line for your Rona vax, dear sheep; the life-saving mechanism is here today! If you’re immune compromised, though, you may want to stay away from the Rona vax; Pfizer states it may cause an immune reaction in such individuals.

Immune compromised people may want to stay away

The vaccinations must be stored at an extremely cold temperature because God only knows what’s in them, but we are sure glad they are here! After eleven months of the virus with a 99.98% survival rate, a vaccine that doesn’t prevent the spread is clearly necessary.

Pfizer data sheets

So the vaccine won’t prevent the spread of Rona, causes just as many symptoms as Rona itself, and may cause an immune reaction. Sounds like a dream come true…

Polis is “joyous”

King Polis wrote on his Facebook page Monday morning that he’s “joyous” about the Pfizer vaccine’s arrival in Colorado; because of course he is. The first recipient of the Pfizer vaccine is a Black nurse, also because of course it is. Rona is political, and the mainstream media wants you to believe that black people are somehow disenfranchised by Rona, and nurses are “exhausted on the frontlines.” Black people aren’t disenfranchised anymore than COVID-19 is killing young, healthy people, and nurses exhausted by C19 are either lying, living in a dream world, or paid.

And who are you, exactly?

For the above reasons, that’s a hard pass for us on the Rona vax.

The Colorado Herald