Update: Rep Steven Woodrow should show empathy for the other half

Steven Woodrow is triggered on social media everyday, mostly Twitter, as anyone who says anything that contradicts his liberal confirmation bias is either an idiot or “full of shit.”

Woodrow is a Tay Anderson comrade, so he plays in the leftist twitter space with conservatives daily, hoping to stir reactions and spar with said conservatives.

It’s not the first time, obviously, that Steve couldn’t help himself; his Twitter account reads like a 12 hour therapy session…everyday. He’s even sparred with our page. The public often interacts with Steve on a personal level, and he provides political feedback and comedic relief during COVID-19.

Steven is also triggered by anything relating to Donald Trump, voting fraud, conservatives, or conservative values. In fact, Steven condemns people for leaving Facebook for parler, posting that conservatives are creating an echo chamber. Parler may be a conservative echo chamber for now. However, conservatives have set up shop there not in the hopes of creating a rightist hub but for avoiding censorship by Facebook in the way of “jail” time, deleted accounts, restrictions, and more. Conservatives are going to Twitter, Steven, because they’re forced to. It would be nice to see a shred of empathy for the other fifty percent of people in the state rather than a dictator-like smugness.

As an elected official, it’s Steven’s duty to care about every constituent’s right to be heard in any form, and his continued attempts to silence and berate the other half of his constituency is undemocratic, insulting, and dangerous to the office that he holds. He should show some attempt to empathize with voters with whom he doesn’t see eye to eye, as any reasonably caring elected official would do.

Nov 17 Facebook post

It’s great to know that legislative session hasn’t even begun, and Steven is a Twitter goldmine. 2021 is going to be an even better year.