Tri-County Health targets DCF Guns

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In its latest display of government overreach, Tri-County Health now targets DCF Guns, which serves no food and doesn’t typically have customers lingering around for long periods of time. Tri-County Health has sparred with local conservatives who support a total re-opening of the economy as more businesses are lost to arbitrary shutdowns each month.

DCF’s letter

Tri-County health’s letter to DCF states that they have attempted to “obtain voluntary compliance,” which isn’t actually voluntary, because now Tri-County Health threatens to shut down DCF’s entire operation. Additionally, TCH warned DCF that further non-compliance will yield revocation of DCF’s business license, citations, and possible criminal charges.

This isn’t political, according to TCH. The harassment couldn’t possibly be related to DCF’s continued participation in lockdown protests, condemnation of Governor Polis, or the fact that it’s a major weapons hub in Colorado. DCF responded to the letter, below.

DCF maintains that they have always been mask compliant. Furthermore, the business has never had a legal issue or otherwise during its eight years in the Castle Rock community. DCF’s letter by Joe Oltmann indicates that this is political targeting.

DCF provided security for political events in the summer of 2020, such as Randy Corporon’s Back the Blue Rally in July 19th. Since the summer, the gun store’s presence, like its sister group FEC United, has irritated Governor Polis, who has fought with conservatives from that same group for the duration of the “pandemic.”

The gun and ammunition store’s attorney will submit CORA requests and perform further investigation to determine the source of the harassment. The targeting of this business is clear, by Tri County Health, the most aggressive health department in the state by way of COVID-19 overreach.

The Colorado Herald