Colorado Breaking! Proof there is no pandemic

Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are all exaggerated per the CDC’s instructions in order to create a pandemic that simply doesn’t exist. The American public is told so many lies about Coronavirus that the truth is elusive. It’s all summed up here.


On May 18th, an epidemiologist at a Collin County Texas Commissioner’s Meeting the commissioners on the new procedures for coding cases as COVID. Fortunately, the meeting was recorded, and it set off alarm bells about the way COVID-19 cases are reported across the nation.

In the CDC’s case definitions, a patient may be considered a positive case if the patient has symptoms (ONE symptom of cough or two symptoms of the others: body ache, headache, fever, etc) and has come into close contact with someone with COVID-19. So if a patient has symptoms and came into close contact with a case, he is considered a positive case.

Based on the reporting mechanisms, instead of one positive case, there are now likely seventeen new cases. The diagram in these slides, with sixteen deaths considered probable, shows that all sixteen assumed cases are counted as cases by the CDC.

When asked why they developed this coding, the epidemiologist states that this terminology was developed globally, somewhere else, and then it “came here.” In other words, the USA took China’s advice on how to contrive cases.

Conveniently, with CARES funding, the state gave contract tracing over to a private company. It’s a snowball effect, because with the contract tracing calls, home visits, and convenient health apps, people report their symptoms at alarming rates. They live in an endemic state, where those contract tracers will report them as positive cases. They don’t even need to be tested.

Coloradoans knew that this process occurred in Colorado. After all, it’s highly unlikely that the CDC encourages dishonest reporting in Texas but not Colorado. A reader reached out to El Paso County Health Department to see if they’d admit the process, and they did.

El Paso County, Colorado Department of Public Health confirmed shorty after the Collin County, Texas video was leaked that they follow the exact same process for counting cases. The entire country does this, per the CDC.

This isn’t one rogue health department…this is number fudging on a massive scale. For every positive case, anyone who comes into contact with the “positive” case and has symptoms is a case. This is a 1700% exaggeration of “cases.”


COVID-19 deaths are also exaggerated on a massive scale, just like cases. As far back as Colorado State Rep Mark Baisley and residents across the state cried foul when it emerged that Tri-County Health had engaged in shady COVID death reporting. Several deaths in Colorado coded as COVID-19 turned out to be motorcycle deaths, cocaine overdoses, and other such non-C19 deaths.

States have coded anyone who dies with COVID as a COVID death. If a person dies of a gunshot wound and had COVID, the gunshot wound killed him, not COVID. In Weld County, as of December 18th, the county shows 146 deaths from COVID. However, the state of Colorado reports 255 COVID-19 deaths in Weld County because unlike the county, the state includes all of the people who died “with COVID,” a 42% increase to date for Weld County alone.

A total of 109 people in Weld County were not given the dignity they deserved when they passed away; the state of Colorado used their deaths to further a political agenda. Families of 109 people in one county alone weren’t afforded the dignity of honest death certificates.

That practice has never ended, so no one knows how many people actually died in the state from COVID. This week in Grand County, Colorado, the coroner determined that over forty percent of deaths determined to be due to COVID-19 were not actually due to the virus. Coroner Bock of Grand County is outraged that two gunshot wound victims in the county are listed as COVID-19 .

The process of counting gunshot victims as COVID-19 deaths occurs nationwide. Officials admitted this week that this The most likely survival rate, as we continue to assert, is 99.98%. also practices this nonsensical mechanism of reporting and coded deaths “with COVID “ such as gunshot wounds as COVID-19 deaths.

Oregon plays the ” coding all deaths with COVID as a death from COVID. Therefore, thousands of cocaine overdoses and murders were COVID victims. These reporting mechanisms are responsible for massive death percentage increases, ranging from 40% to 75% inflated death numbers across the country.

Adding to the overall inflated death count issue, the CDC in early 2020 manipulated excess death numbers, called the upper bound, by not adjusting the upper bound to account for population growth. Each year, as the CDC adjusts normal death levels and projects the next year’s upper bound, it updates its own projections based on population growth. For the last three years, the CDC adjusted the upper bound to account for population growth, so the upper bound number receives a 2-2.6% increase as the population increases. This year, instead of adjusting the upper bound upward, the CDC lowered by 2.3%, which is contradictory to population growth. in both 2019 and 2020, adjusting for negative growth is illogical reporting.

CDC’s upper bound

If the CDC had raised the upper bound by 2.4% as its average of the last three years’ adjustments, then “excess deaths” this year in the US would only equate to about 100,000 deaths. Those 100,000 deaths are easily explained by dishonest reporting like motorcycle accidents, overdoses as in above, as well as short for pneumonia/influenza/COVID-19 illness.

If COVID were a real pandemic, the CDC would have no reason to miscode deaths and no reason to play games with actual death reporting. However, health departments across the nation are clearly number gaming at the urging of the CDC, as readers may ascertain by watching the Collin County video above, in which an actual CDC epidemiologist explains to the county commissioners how they will be counting cases and deaths.

In May of this year, thanks to State Rep Baisley and concerned citizens, Colorado was after hundreds of cases of the “with COVID death” versus “of COVID death” game were played by CDPHE.


Extremely fallacious add to the Corona craze. Again, at the urging of the CDC, testing is way too sensitive to give any meaningful data on actual cases.

Florida’s December changes

The state of Florida now requires all labs to report threshold values, as a cycle threshold value of twenty-four or higher indicates a possible false positive. Over thirty-seven is almost always a false positive. Unfortunately, the rest of the nation has not cracked down on the incredibly sensitive PCR tests and allows labs to cycle thresholds of forty and above.

In fact, the PCR tests are so fallacious (and used to promote lockdowns) that a stay was filed on to create mandatory threshold reporting for all tests. Portugal already determined to be extremely unreliable and unconstitutional for inducing lockdowns.

In June, social media was abuzz with the CDC’s admission that COVID-19 tests test for a wide array of viruses, and that a positive doesn’t necessarily mean much. Updated from the CDC June 25, 2020:

“A positive test result shows you might have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold. Regardless of whether you test positive or negative, the results do not confirm whether or not you are able to spread the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Coronavirus isn’t new

In late August, the cautioned the efficacy of COVID-19 tests as over ninety false positives were found in a Connecticut batch. An entire team was found to have falsely tested positive, and later a batch of chicken wings tested positive for . In a goat and a paw paw tested positive. Everything and everyone eventually tests positive because tiny amounts of Coronavirus are everywhere. Therefore, this “pandemic” will never end.


They are also a complete lie; hospitalizations are exaggerated by several different mechanisms.

Per the CDC, a person is considered a COVID hospitalization if he tests positive for COVID thirty days before or after his hospitalization. Every hospital in every state goes by this guideline; readers should contact their local hospitals and health ddepartments to confirm this politically and clinically offensive reporting mechanism.

To add to the hospital madness, states are playing games with hospital bed numbers in order to illicit more fear. Last week, the state of Michigan was caught erasing 6000 hospital beds to contrive a crisis, leading to 77% bed total capacity versus 51% bed capacity. Southern California was caught in a similar game, in total census to make the percentage of available beds lower, actually making the available ICU bed percentage appear to be zero.

It gets worse. Influenza is gone; it’s all . Anything that looks like the flu, COVID, or pneumonia is now PIC, so it gets coded as COVID. PIC is short for pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-19. Readers should question why three separate illnesses are reported as one.

There should be 143-152 flu patients hospitalized per week in Colorado. The state reports there are only three patients on average the last . CDPHE wants citizens to believe that a 95.5% reduction in hospitalized flu patients occurred. It didn’t.

Hospitals are busy every winter. The CDC is lying about the seriousness of the “pandemic” because there isn’t one. Hospitals allegedly setup for excess flu patients, but this year the CDC and media are calling a large portion of those excess flu hospitalizations Coronavirus patients.

Flu problems each year

If you take in no other information from us, please hear this. COVID-19 cases are exaggerated by over 1700%. Hospitalizations are manipulated by over 20%, and deaths are over-reported by 40% to 75%. The remaining 25% of deaths (about 70,000) are deaths.

Since on average , and 10,000-65,000 die each year of the flu, a “PIC number of 70,000 is important. There are no more influenza deaths, pneumonia deaths, and COVID deaths this year than any normal year prior. If COVID were killing so many people, the CDC’s new “PIC” would be higher than the expected number of flu and pneumonia deaths because the deadliest virus ever to hit the planet would’ve claimed more than an average flu season.

There is no pandemic.

To contrive a pandemic, the CDC only had to convince the health departments to adopt the above reporting mechanisms, and that was easy thanks to CARES funding. If a county wants CARES funding, it must remain compliant with CDC reporting mechanisms.