The CDC doesn’t gather flu data anymore; it’s all COVID-19

Flu cases and deaths are down by 95% this year. Facebook fact checkers say that simple fact “lacks context.” Does it?

The admits that due to COVID-19, the super serious virus that most people don’t even realize they have, flu testing and data compilation for influenza has been suspended. That makes total sense.

The CDC doesn’t count flu cases anymore.

From the CDC’s website: “Due to the lapse in government funding, regular updates to the CDC Influenza web site, including the weekly FluView report and updates to guidance for clinicians, will not be possible,” says a statement on the CDC’s Flu Activity and Surveillance Web page. CDC will not be routinely analyzing surveillance data nor testing laboratory specimens submitted as part of routine surveillance. Support for outbreak investigations and response to public queries regarding influenza circulation and prevention will be limited during this time.”

That’s logical, actually. Why even test for a virus that’s inevitably going to be labeled as COVID-19 anyways? It’s clear that’s what is happening; even mainstream media seems to be finally catching on, 7 months too late.

It’s because of funding…the CDC has suspended flu tests because of funding? Yeah, that sounds legit.

OAN reports 130k deaths due to COVID aren’t due to COVID-19

A fact that many readers already knew, the CDC counted over 130,000 flu, pneumonia, and various other deaths as COVID-19 deaths. That simple fact alone is so dishonest, yet it doesn’t seem to bother those who buy into the hysteria. Was that process also caused by lack of funding?

Actual COVID-19 hospitalizations, CDC

So, for now, the media and COVID-19 pushers will continue to tout all flu and sniffles cases as COVID-19, further scaring millions back into their basements.