Nurse passes out from COVID vaccine on live tv today

Media photo-ops of happy people receiving the vaccine are somewhat misleading, and the mainstream media has also neglected to allow any discussion about the side effects of the vaccine.

Ten minutes post vaccine

Only ten minutes after receiving the vaccine at CHI Memorial in Chattanooga, a nurse touting the effectiveness and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine passed out on live television today.

Nurse receiving the vaccine

The clip was quickly pulled from most media outlets, but social media users screen grabbed the incident. The clip has been shared all over social media today, and it’ll be fact checked by Saturday of this week as “missing context” by Facebook and Twitter.

There were two other serious adverse events this week as the vaccine rolled out to healthcare workers, both of which . Four recipients developed Bell’s Palsy. If average Americans know about seven seriously adverse events relating to the vaccine this week, they should really worry about the adverse events not reported or streamed on live television.

The media has also done a lot of covering up the side effects of the vaccinations this week, with fact checkers working overtime to gray out any side effects posted by Americans.

Actual side effects

Once the FDA’s list of side effects hit social media, the mainstream media was quick to change the narrative, but it’s too late. Americans have now witnessed side effects on live tv.

Mainstream media’s side effects list

There’s some major differences in the list of side effects that have to be reported versus what’s actually being reported, but live television doesn’t lie.


By the time we wrote this quick story, CHI Memorial had already removed the video and continued to remove comments about the nurse’s reaction. If this were such a small incident, then CHI shouldn’t censor public information.

Dont forget, Americans who receive the vaccine will only be immune for two months; to stay immune. This vaccine is looking worse and worse each day, and have begun questioning why there’s a forceful push to vaccinate a planet of healthy people against an illness that isn’t a clear threat.