Teachers unions dealt crushing blow; go back to work or lose money

In a huge move to assist kids affected by online learning, President Trump signed “Executive Order on Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School Choice” giving students affected by online learning several new options.

The Executive Order allows for several provisions for such children;

i)    tuition and fees for a private or parochial school;

(ii)   homeschool, microschool, or learning-pod costs;

(iii)  special education and related services, including therapies; or

(iv) tutoring or remedial education.

This Executive Order is a crushing blow to public education, namely who have leveraged their power since March to delay in person learning out of fear of the virus.

Trump’s order bypasses teachers’ unions and teachers who are too afraid to work and allows money to follow the student rather than the opposite way around, a concept touted by conservatives for decades.

If teachers’ unions continue to throw their weight around in order to hurt US children by way of the virus, then they may soon find their jobs aren’t as valuable as they previously believed. With public school parents given the opportunity to escape the propaganda of public schools, the collapse of public education and the days of teachers indoctrinating children into social movements like BLM may be a problem of the past.