Tay Anderson’s toxicity causes more Denver drama

Tay Anderson is always fighting with everyone. That’s all he knows how to do…fight and then play victim. In this week’s installment of “Tay causes problems and then blames everyone else,” Tay angers Mayor Hancock. Again.

This installment of the Tay show features Tay wrapped up in drama as usual. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and former Mayor Federico Peña penned an open letter in which the mayors blame the current school board for Susana Cordova’s departure. Cordova announced that she is accepting a similar position in Texas, leaving the school board to find a replacement.

Tay Anderson’s drama

Not to lose any time stirring up drama, Tay was quick to spar with Mayor Hancock…again. He said that Hancock should

Tay’s drama

True to form, Tay tweeted up a storm throughout the night, continuing his hissy fit into this morning. Tay calls Hancock dysfunctional. The two have never seen eye to eye since Tay undermines homeless sweeps, tries to stop the Denver Police from doing their jobs, and also tried to sue DPD when he fell to the ground during a resistance stunt staged for his Blantifa comrades.

Tay Anderson is not a politician; he’s a toxic child, and Denver is running out of room for Tay’s drama. His brand of victim politics has grown tiring, and those with any shred of self respect and political dignity have far distanced themselves from Tay’s childish, toxic, soon-ending self pity party.