Tay Anderson’s brother betrayed him with white Thanksgiving date

Tay Anderson IS the most racist black person in Denver; he’s the embodiment of a minority who thinks that because 2020 is so woke, he can act like a racist a-hole all he wants. And no one is going to do a thing about it.

Tay Anderson was literally upset because his brother brought a white woman to Thanksgiginv dinner. It’s all over social media because no one likes racists, especially hypocritical ones.

One point no one has mentioned is that if Tay went to dinner with his mother, brother, and brother’s girlfriend, then at least FOUR households were represented at Tay’s family’s racist Thanksgiving soiree. Therefore, Tay has failed to uphold the Rona restrictions that he has touted daily and slammed Hancock for violating.

It’s okay; Tay is a young, woke, black man with a chip on his shoulder, so the communist edicts don’t apply to him.