Tay Anderson: only Blantifa can riot, not Trump supporters

Tay Anderson has always been a hypocrite; today is no different from any other day. Now, Tay wants “riot police” to intervene in the protests and displays currently happening in Washington, DC.

Back in the Spring, Tay argued that police are brutal monsters who spend time beating up innocent civilians; Tay wants to defund the police like his communist comrade Candi CdeBaca. Remember, police are corrupt and tried to hurt Tay as he impeded official police business in July.

So what does a triggered anti-police liberal do when Washington, DC is overrun by Trump fans and Proud Boys? Call the “riot police” obviously; only Blantifa is allowed to set fires and loot, according to Tay Tay.

And the police may only arrest conservatives. Arresting anyone else is clearly racism and police brutality.

The democrat mantra is especially true today; rules are for thee, not for me.