Tay Anderson, Denver Public School Board: Pack the Court

Tay Anderson wants to pack the courts because he doesn’t hide that he has neither respect nor understanding of the US Constitution.

Tay’s classy tweet

The move of court packing hasn’t been attempted since the 1930’s, or the Switch in Time that Saved Nine, for people like Tay who don’t follow US History.

The problem with court packing is that it attempts to outwit and circumvent the process outlined by our forefathers.

Ilhan Omar wants to pack the court

Also, court packing is a political tactic that could be short lived or otherwise harmful to both parties. If Democrats were to condone such a move today, what’s to stop a Republican led legislature from repeating the process in the future? When does the court packing end?

Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet following Coney Barrett’s confirmation

Also not surprisingly, AOC and Ilhan Omar have also cried out for court packing this evening. That’s literally what communists do when they don’t get their way, they use force.

In closing, Tay uses the catch acronym “MF” to refer to the US Supreme Court…