Small Business Fairness Act killed by Colorado Dems

Senator Rob Woodward and Colin Larson introduced SB20B-009, the Small Business Fairness Act, which should have afforded small businesses protection from unnecessary closures. The bill prescribed the same protections, for example, for a local hardware store, that Home Depot receives.

SB20B-009 was voted down along party lines this morning, as Colorado Democrats don’t want the same protection for local businesses that they want for large box stores.

The bill was modeled after an identical bill in Ohio, which passed resoundingly, because the Ohio House is able to set aside party differences to ensure that the state doesn’t lose another 10,000 businesses in “wave 2” of communism.

CO Senate GOP statement

Colorado Dems are more concerned with compliance on behalf of their constituents than they are with the health, success, and prosperity of constituents and their businesses. Colorado democrats are content watching Home Depot’s Saturday mess of hundreds of people scouring the aisles for Christmas trees while the local hardware store, open for thirty years, closes for good. That should tell you how serious you should be taking this “virus.”

Small Business Fairness Act
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