Shaming Congresswoman for exercising her 2A rights is un-American

Mainstream media hates Lauren Boebert. They’ve shamed her since her first day in politics; to be fair, they shamed her way before that. Leftist media doesn’t like a gun-toting Republican woman with a humble background who doesn’t fit the “old white man with a politician for a father” stereotype.

Lauren Boebert freshman orientation, D.C

Lauren grew up poor…her mother benefited from food stamps for much of her childhood. The newly elected politician never went to college but opened a restaurant, Shooter’s Grill, in Rifle. Her gun-themed restaurant has become a tourist favorite, and she made political headlines nationwide for standing up to Polis’ edicts in the spring.

Fox Business

Still, media sources have shamed Congresswoman Boebert for her alleged dabbling in Q’Anon, her petty arrests, her lack of mask wearing, and her carrying a firearm at all times. Usually half the size of her leg, her gun is always prominent; she carries it proudly. But media outlets choose to shame her. Carrying a gun, exercising one’s second amendment rights, is not woke in 2020. Everyone is supposed to hate guns and be on board with Biden’s buy back plan.

When Democrats like AOC make ridiculous demands, the media creates a self-serving circus. When a brand new Republican Congresswoman wants to exercise her God-given rights, she’s shamed. That’s the embarrassing premise of 2020; Boebert should be praised for her allegiance to the preservation of constitutional rights, which have proven to be elusive during this transitional time for Americans. Instead, she’s shamed for not being woke enough to realize that guns aren’t cool…guns are only for Antifa and 9News security guards, not a female elected official who’s at the epicenter of American politics during the most politically violent time periods that most of us can recall.

Mainstream media and readers should be ashamed for allowing such un-American rhetoric to become so pervasive. Constitutional rights must be preserved, and those fighting for them respected.

If we have learned anything from 2020, however, it’s that the media controls the agenda and is a conduit of liberal values. What comes next? Just read the phraseology on most of today’s posts about Boebert. “Under decade-old congressional laws,” Lauren is permitted to carry her weapon. Decades old congressional laws?

Needless to say, the left will attack Boebert’s 2A rights and attempt to stifle her constitutional ability to carry a gun. We have arrived at a bad place in our nation’s history, and Colorado should be thankful for a congresswoman who stands up for freedom. Such elected officials are hard to come by in 2020.