Sec Griswold fumbles election management

In a really bizarre
tweet, Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswold attempted to start a
movement she called “Press Pause,” asking the National media last night to
avoid any election results reporting on election night.
This isn’t Jenna’s first mistake this election season. Earlier in the
month, she also sent out a bizarre mailer to Coloradoans to register them to
vote, which would’ve been harmless if she hadn’t sent them to dead people and
underage citizens. She doubled down on that mistake, even sparring with Rep
Ken Buck on Twitter.…/sec-griswold-says…
Colorado’s Secretary of State has made her presidential pick abundantly
clear, but that’s not necessarily the role of a Secretary of State.
Jenna should re-read her job description and stick to what the taxpayers
are paying her to do.