Santa wears a mask and got the COVID-19 vaccine

According to the Norad Tracker, Santa is riding his sleigh across the globe today, thousands of feet above Earth, while wearing a mask. American kids, as if thrust into China overnight, are not even safe from COVID-19 propaganda on Christmas Eve.

Fauci tells kids Santa is “safe” after the vaxx

Santa’s masked adventure comes five days after Fauci felt it appropriate to tell the nation of young children that he vaccinated Santa and thus made Christmas safe for everyone. Fauci announced that he gave Santa the dreaded COVID-19 vax on “The ABCs of COVID-19: A CNN-Sesame Street Town Hall for Families,” which is worth watching if you have not seen the program.

The Sesame Street special, in its fifth episode, is a fifty-minute long propaganda session; the hosts speak to children viewers and warn them to wear their masks and social distance. In the Christmas episode, Elmo, Oscar, and friends pledge to stay far away from others this Christmas. It’s no wonder that Fauci made a home on the show; it’s aimed so strongly at children’s compliance with COVID-19 restrictions that it feels like a Chinese morning show for kids.

When can we hug grandma?

In last week’s episode of “The ABCs of COVID-19,” children asked Dr. Fauci when they could hug grandma again and when a safe vaccine will be available for children. Instead of asking their parents or school teachers, these children ask Fauci for life advice.

The show wasn’t made for children; instead, the show was created to get children to behave a certain way…the way their government wants them to behave. That is called propaganda, plain and simple, and this type of politics is reminiscent of China’s way of life. In fact, the Chinese government uses media to induce or prevent behaviors, often touting that the West’s unwillingness to conform is the reason for its failures.

That concept of propaganda to induce behavior is echoed in the Norad tracker this season. Santa clearly does not need a mask while delivering presents, but if children see Santa doing so, then maybe they will wear a mask, too. None of this is about children or making them feel safe, loved, and content this season, and their parents’ beliefs matter not at all. This Christmas is about compliance, even for kids.

Norad’s Santa

The media, Fauci, the CDC, the WHO…these entities have used Christmas to propagate mask and vaccine propaganda while scaring children into compliance. Children should not believe or be forced to believe that the COVID-19 virus is floating above Earth while their presents are delivered tonight by Santa, who is only now safe since Fauci vaccinated him.

These kids had better not forget to social distance and stay away from Grandma…there will be a reckoning if they don’t listen to the propaganda.