Rep Mark Baisley calls out the press for liberal bias

Colorado Times Recorder has an obsession with skewering conservatives while ignoring the real issues; recent targets include Lauren Boebert (Lauren gets hourly ridicule by CTR), Lynn Gerber, and Cory Gardner.

Now, CTR has taken issue with Rep Mark Baisley, FEC, and anything associated with the conservative values touted by each.

The entire email from Rep Baisley to Erik Maulbetsch

In an October 16th email, CTR’s Erik Maulbetsch says to Mark Baisley, “Nevertheless I watched the livestream and heard founder Joe Oltmann make some pretty disturbing comments about journalists who write negative stories about his group.

“He said he would dox us and ‘put us on billboards,’ before saying, ‘We’re coming for you… If you’re part of the media and you write something bad about us, better take your byline off it.’

“That’s a pretty direct threat to a free press, and yet from what I heard on the video, the audience mostly cheered.

“How did you react to it and do you have any concerns about an organization that’s working so closely with your party making statements like that?”

The above part of the email chain was not published by CTR, probably because it comes off as more of a complaint towards Baisley rather than a harmless request for information

Baisley responds politely but stands his ground. “We have witnessed the Press step away from its tremendous responsibility as the objective source of information and understanding. In seemingly most cases, the Press has locked arms with the Democratic Party toward the dissolution of American founding principles.

“You asked, ‘…do you have any concerns about an organization that’s working so closely with your party…?’ I would ask the same of you; Do you have any concerns about the Press working so closely with the Democratic Party?” asks Baisley.

Baisley went on to explain UADF, the military faction of FEC, and his right to participate in FEC meetings via the First Amendment.

Rep Baisley with Rupert Parchment

“The intolerance of a reporter by the FEC / UADF (you) is owed to the discredited reputation of a Press that has now denigrated to the point of involving itself in the prevailing civil dispute — not just taking a side, but taking a life. Five days after the murder of Lee Keltner, I believe it to be understandable that the UADF does not consider a present-day reporter to be a benign observer.

“I find it immensely important that we, as a national society, find our way back to having a free, independent and trusted Press. Perhaps you and I can work on that together. It would require the boldness of your risking rejection by most of your peers. Let me know.”

This month, a conservative man was shot in downtown Denver by an Antifa agent associated with 9News. Additionally, Project Veritas exposed a Weld County Democratic leader spouting off extremely violent plans if Trump loses, which was never picked up by any major news source in Colorado.

The intolerance of conservative values by nationwide and Colorado media has been largely ignored for too long, and Mr. Baisley has every right to expect a free exchange of information rather than a censored melting pot of leftist propaganda, which is what we have today.

Only when elected officials like Mark Baisley and the public begin to hold organizations like CTR and 9News accountable will the US move back towards an unbiased media.

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