Rep Geitner drafts bill to end Polis’ reign of terror

Polis issued his first executive order on March 11th, 2020. Since that time, he has signed 260 executive orders, which range in topics from discouraging learning pods to renaming monuments without citizen oversight or input. King Polis has enjoyed his reign of terror, but Coloradoans have grown exhausted and depressed at the hands of his tyranny.

State Representative Tim Geitner drafted legislation on Tuesday that would end Polis’ 9 1/2 month crime spree against innocent business owners and private citizens. Geitner uses the fact that executive orders amidst an emergency are to last 30 days. This strategy was utilized in Illinois State Representative, Darrin Bailey, recently. In that case, a district judge ruled in favor of plaintiffs and called Governor Pritzker’s edicts unconstitutional since they spanned past the 30 days. Geitner’s approach differs from Rep Bailey’s in that he is introducing legislation versus a lawsuit, as Bailey formed. Geitner will have an uphill battle with the legislation, as the Colorado House is democrat led.

Geitner echoes Coloradoans frustated with meaningless mask mandates and shutdowns, which have done nothing to date to stop the spread of the Rona, which again is 99.98% survivable. Geitner may have a tough time passing the legislation, as the Colorado House is dominated by a Democrat majority.

Geitner’s draft legislation

In all actuality, the legislation will likely go nowhere. However, it symbols to Coloradoans that elected officials, who will go back into legislative session early on November 30th to work on COVID-19 relief, are listening.