Governor of CO shoots out of town video while closing businesses

There was no need for Governor Polis to be present for the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine in Fort Collins yesterday, and if he really believed that COVID-19 was a serious issue, then he would’ve stayed home with his positive Rona diagnosis and positively diagnosed, recently hospitalized husband.

Polis had nothing to do with the Pfizer vaccine’s rapid development or its quick deployment to the state of Colorado. That didn’t stop Polis from a media appearance, though; nothing ever does.

even found Polis’ stunt embarrassing and clunky, and Jimmy Fallon didn’t mince words; the entire display was like a bad scene from The Truman Show combined with a bad soap opera. We get it, King Polis-vaccines are going to save lives! It just seems like Polis and most liberals (the same ones hell bent on justice for BLM/Antifa and mum on defunding the police, the same ones mocking half of Colorado for wanting election integrity) are really, really excited about this vaccine.

Polis released a video on social media today that shows the arrival of the vaccines, Polis opening up a garage bay door, signing for a Fedex package, opening up and manhandling the package of vaccines with his Rona hands, and breaking CDC guidelines by standing fourteen inches from Coloradoans as they were vaccinated…just over two weeks after publicly announcing his positive C19 diagnosis and one week after his husband was hospitalized with said virus.

Polis looms over “frontline” workers as they’re given the life saving injection. Actually, the vaccine isn’t life-saving; it only reduces symptoms and probably doesn’t stop the spread of the 99.98% survivable virus. According to the New York Times, , that information is coming. According to most doctors, e won’t prevent spread, as the virus will still be transmitted to others, and those without the vaccine will become sick. This is the most politicized, confusing vaccine of all time.

Readers may watch Polis’ entire video on Facebook. Jared Polis is embarrassing, lying to the president and wasn’t aware of downtown encampments in the summer, spraying bills with Lysol, calling his constituents “selfish bastards,” and now this oxymoron: exposing a staff of camera men, delivery people, “frontline workers,” and whoever else was present for his weight loss-showcasing photo-op yesterday to the illness that he says is so serious that it warrants shutdowns leading to teen suicides, kids dropping out of school, virtually no learning, the closure of nine-thousand plus local businesses, and the eventual ruin of an entire state.

He shut down Fargo’s pizza, a Colorado favorite for decades, he shut down Casa Bonita and C&C Coffee, in which those Colorado families such as April and Jesse Arrelano invested years of blood sweat, and tears. He never once offered a penny of his $300 plus million dollar fortune to save any of those who lost it all, but Polis probably spent a nice chunk on yesterday’s video shoot, if taxpayers themselves didn’t fund it. It’s great that all of those families closed “for your safety” while Polis feels safe enough to travel the state for photo-ops.

Again, look at what they do, not what they say. Like Mayor Hancock, Like Governor Cuomo, this man has a million times the information that you do about COVID-19, and he’s touring Colorado for video shoots while his husband recovers from the Rona. If he believed, even for a second, that COVID-19 was this serious, he would’ve never left the confines of his comfy Boulder mansion yesterday.