Polis sends unemployed $375 checks to the tune of $168 million

Governor Jared Polis, D-Colorado, created yet another executive order. Today’s order gives unemployed Coloradoans $375, which is not enough for a month’s worth of groceries for most families, or a few winter coats. He’s such a swell guy; he closed 8,000 Colorado businesses and counting, and his recent round of mandates will cripple those who had just a little bit of life remaining.

D 2020 230

But rest assured, Jared Polis has dipped into several Colorado funds this winter to basically buy the unemployed a pair of boots or a utlity bill. That’s what they’re entitled to after 8 months of suffering at the hands of politics based around a virus with a 99.98% survival rate…a check for a very small amount, sent December 4th.

For this latest relief package virtue signaling, Polis reached into the Controlled Maintenance Trust Fund, the General Fund for Fiscal Year 2020-2021, and the Disaster Emergency Fund. The entire order is here along with his hundreds of other orders since the start of “the virus.”

It’s not clear if Polis plans to do away with the entire legislature at this point, but he probably should just do that. After all, when a governor can spend $168 million+ without any votes or input from the people we elected to speak for us, why do we need a legislature?

Polis’ latest shopping spree will leave $150 million in the state’s Emergency Reserve, which is less than he spent today.