Polis’ pennies begin arriving in bank accounts

Jared Polis’ $375 Colorado “stimulus checks” will arrive in Coloradoans’ bank accounts beginning today. Correction: $375 checks will arrive for Coloradoans who are able to receive unemployment benefits and whose yearly salary doesn’t top $36,400. Polis’ pennies come with very strict guidelines.

While the checks are not enough to purchase a month’s worth of groceries for most families, they’ll set the state back to the tune of $168 million dollars. When Polis decided, without convening the legislature back in October, to throw pennies at his constituents, he left only $150 million dollars in the state’s reserves.

Apparently, Jared thinks that $375 is enough to make Coloradoans forget about ten months of complete and total destruction, business losses, school shutdowns, and mask mandates.

Only Coloradoans who receive unemployment are eligible for Polis’ pennies, and those who have “higher incomes” are also excluded. What does Jared define as a higher income? Those who make over $36,400 are higher income Coloradoans, and they receive over $500 per week in unemployment. Therefore, they are excluded from his virtue signaling check.

While Polis’ net worth is over $300 million, and he doesn’t have to worry about bills, his constituents are considered “high income” if they earn over $36,400 per year and now receive unemployment benefits.

Only the poorest of the poor will receive Polis’ pennies, but he’ll be reserving this massive virtue signaling debacle for his next campaign.