Polis is unhinged by COVID-19

Jared Polis has been fear-mongering about COVID-19 since day one. His constant shaming of his own constituents has made national headlines, and his ridiculous vaccine video stunt was mocked by .

Today, Polis put out his thousandth imfographic on social media. This time, he wants Coloradoans to perform several ridiculous acts “for their safety.” The most disturbing idea Polis touts in his Christmas instructions is to disinfect their presents.

Jared’s instructions

He must think that because he used to virtue signal by spraying a few signed bills with it during his “COVID-19 diagnosis,” Colorado will do the same.

Jared also wants his social media followers to consider online Christmas meetings, wear a mask, and avoid physical contact. Not all of Colorado is hiding under their beds in fear, but nothing will stop Polis from trying.

Hug your loved ones and skip the Lysol, Colorado. Polis’ unhinged mental state should not affect Christmas, and any Governor that tells his constituents they’re for not wearing mask isn’t worth the ink with which he signs his Lysol-covered bills.