Polis “allows” restaurants to open, quietly shuts down nursing homes until February

Coloradoans ironically rejoiced Wednesday night as citing an obviously absent spike in ICU beds, lowered the state’s “danger” level from red to orange. Polis posted his massive “gift” to Colorado on Facebook, basking in his constituents’ cries of what a good King he is.

Polis’ Wednesday post

The ruling from the King gives red counties, now categorized as orange counties, the ability to serve customers for indoor dining at 25% capacity as well as 25% capacity for other indoor activities.

Groveling elected officials touted the Five Star program, which allows businesses owners to open their restaurants like they have the constitutional right to do anyways, as a shining light in 2020. It’s not; for restaurants to consider opening, they must contract trace, give customer information to the state of Colorado, and abide by mandates that aren’t actually laws.

Abe Laydon grovels to Polis

Polis was quite proud of “allowing” his constituents to continue not earning a living at 25% capacity and forcing business owners to turn over customer information to the state.

Meanwhile, , behind closed doors, was requesting that the federal government stop nursing home visits until at least February while Colorado Department of Public Health rolls out the vaccine.

Despite overwhelming evidence that is killing elderly nursing home residents, Polis wants to isolate them longer. He asked the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, without any explanation, to completely isolate nursing homes from the public once again, this time until a second dose of the vaccine is administered.

There’s no explanation for Polis’ quiet, suspicious asking of the feds. Colorado is the only state that’s taken this step thus far. Maybe Polis is worried the public will see what’s actually going on inside some of the state’s facilities. Or maybe he doesn’t want the public to witness any like Switzerland this week. Regardless, Polis should really post this update on his Facebook.