People’s Sexiest Man Alive virtue signaling

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People announced its for 2020; its Michael B. Jordan, star of Black Panther. Michael’s not a bad looking guy; he’s handsome and moderately popular.

Michael B Jordan

But Jordan definitely isn’t the sexiest man alive by conventional standards. include the Rock, David Beckham, and Denzel Washington. In other words, readers expect men of not only talent and good looks but free from political reasons for designation of the title.

Michael is active in both BLM and this year’s election. In June, the actor gave an impassioned BLM . He also helped the with grassroots campaign assistance and social media activity.


If Jordan weren’t active for BLM and Biden, would he still be chosen as 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive by People? Probably not. But since Jordan is as close to naming a BLM co-founder Sexiest Man Alive as People could possibly get, he will do just fine. Jordan fits the agenda.

The Colorado Herald