Parrot’s of Firestone loses liquor license

Parrot’s Sports Grille list their liquor license today; a representative from the Liquor Enforcement Division suspended the establishment’s liquor license for not following Polis’ mandates.

The owners wrote a social media post to describe the loss of license:

“Well Everyone, Our fears and expectations came true today. We were paid a visit from the Liquor Enforcement Division today and they have made the decision to Suspend our Liquor License in lieu of Governor Jared Polis’ orders. We will be closing up for the day to re-evaluate the best way to move forward. Please keep an eye out here and if possible please donate to our Go Fund Me while we try and find a way to survive. We will have our day in Court and with any luck, see this reversed. Until then, please keep an eye out here for announcements about our next steps. Our team and I are beyond grateful for the support of the community so far and are even more grateful for any support you are able to provide to our emergency funds. We love you all, and with your continued support, We Will Be Back. ~Parrott’s Family”

The bar has a gofundme account set up for legal fees and other associated costs.