Palmer Lake Elementary Shuts Down Kindergarten, Parents Pen Frustrated Messages on Sign out Sheet

In Palmer Lake Elementary’s third quarantine, kindergarteners were sent home until November 9th today. There are allegedly 3 cases of the virus with a 99.98% survival rate, so all students in kindergarten were sent home.

Palmer Lake Elementary

Kindergarten parents at Palmer Lake Elementary received calls around 1pm from staff, stating to come pickup their children until November 9th.

Remember, the virus is super deadly and should be expected to shut down entire cities. However, COVID-19 not serious enough to travel into other classrooms or hallways, even though allegedly airborne, so other grades outside of kindergarten will confine in person learning.

As a flurry of parents came to pick up the kindergarteners, they were asked to sign out their kids on a sign out sheet. The final column in the school sign out sheet asks for a reason for early removal. Several frustrated parents left messages in that column proclaiming satirical danger such as “living in fear!!!”