One Week to Sign the Recall Polis Petition

Coloradoans disappointed in Governor Polis’ dictatorial approach to state governance have seven days left to sign the Polis recall. Signatures are due on November 13th.

The Recall Polis 2020 group began gathering signatures on September 13th and has until November 13th to collect 631,266 signatures. While the last recall effort in 2019 did not materialize, organizers hope that this time will be different, thanks to Coloradoans’ frustrations with Polis’ COVID-19 lockdowns, mask orders, violent Blantifa riots, and poor handling of the state in general.

A group of Coloradoans led by Lori Cutnilli used their own time and money to form the Recall Polis 2020 group, which is collecting signatures to recall King Polis.

In July, after months of oppressive shut downs that left business owners reeling and the economy dented, Polis claimed in a press conference that he didn’t know there were tents in Denver. Polis said that if there are tents and encampments, they should be removed. But he “doesn’t follow Denver politics.”

Jared doesn’t follow Denver politics

Polis has also failed to condemn any Blantifa riots or looting. Despite the fact that he has ordered Coloradoans to limit group gatherings, he seems poised to welcome ongoing riots until January 2021 or beyond.

If the Recall Polis 2020 group is successful in obtaining the necessary amount of signatures (631,266), the Governor has 5 days to resign or face a recall election. In a recall election, citizens vote to retain or recall the governor and elect a new Governor from a list of eligible candidates.

There’s no official word on how many signatures Recall Polis 2020 has obtained, but several volunteers stated they may be close to 600,000 signatures. If that’s the case, the help will need 200,000+ signatures at least, in order to get to the next phase of the recall. It’s common for thousands to hundreds of thousands of signatures to be thrown out as they are delivered for a recall, so committees usually gather a “buffer” of extra signatures to account for any tossed signatures.

The number of Coloradoans who have already signed the petition points to sheer dissatisfaction with the Governor, though recalls are historically hard to accomplish. There have only been two successful gubernatorial recalls in US history. There are seven days remaining to gather as many signatures as possible. If you haven’t signed the Recall Polis 2020 petition and want to do so, locations may be found on the Recall Polis 2020 Website.

Recall Polis 2020 11/4 Monument, CO

Signatures may be tossed for not matching what’s on file, address not matching, middle initial not matching or inserted otherwise where not on file with the Secretary of State. Therefore, it’s critical that recall gatherers are meticulous with each signature.

Denver riots and COVID-19 shutdowns show mo sign of easing up. Polis doesn’t care, and Recall Polis 2020 hopes to end the King’s reign of terror.

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