NY Times Bestselling author: GOP is Nazis

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Kurt Eichenwald, a New York Times bestselling author and journalist, tweeted this morning that more Americans have died from COVID-19 than Jews in the Holocaust, and he called the GOP worse than Nazis for “letting people die.”

Obviously, nobody takes someone seriously whose middle name on Twitter is “masks save lives,” but this is the type of vile, disgusting world beliefs that make America not great, literally.

Kurt’s propaganda

Kurt believes that comparing the sham that has become COVID-19 to a violent genocide, and liking the Nazis who murdered innocent Jews, to the GOP, is journalism. The mainstream media will tolerate his outlandish behavior without a drop of criticism, and the left is cheering in their Biden-like basements because Democrats love this type of thing.

This type of behavior is why conservatives don’t want to play nice with the CCP Dems at the moment.

The Colorado Herald