New York locked down, but Governor throws birthday party for himself

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Perhaps one of the worst governors in the US, of all time, King Andrew Cuomo told Americans in the Spring that if they didn’t wear a mask, “you could literally kill someone. Literally.” He’s an ill-informed dictator, so it comes as no surprise that while the peasants are locked down, Cuomo throws himself a birthday party.

Like Tay Anderson, Mayor Hancock, Mayor Lightfoot, and Nancy Pelosi, Cuomo definitely had more inside knowledge about Rona than you do, and he is throwing himself a birthday party. That fact alone should tell you all you need to know about compliance; the dictators themselves aren’t complying with Rona red mandates.

Cuomo’s soirée

Don’t fret, though, peasants; you can attend Cuomo’s Holiday/birthday party for just $5,000.00. What a deal! If you’d like to host the reception with King Cuomo, it’ll be $10,000.00. There’s no word on how many households will be represented at this elite party, but it will be more than one household for sure.

But he will have a fundraiser/birthday party

Remember, Cuomo says that people from two different households should not socialize, fraternize, or celebrate . In fact, when word got out that he had Thanksgiving plans, King Cuomo had to cancel said plans. What a shame; the rules are for thee, not for me.

Do not comply.

Cuomo knows more than you about Rona, and he’s throwing fancy soirées with multiple households. Your restaurant, your livelihood, and your child’s education are just as important as your governor’s fundraising.

The Colorado Herald