MSM: Trump Rallies Killed 700 people; Colorado Herald-that’s a lie

Mainstream media released their narrative yesterday; Trump rallies have caused 30,000 cases and 700 deaths. Articles are making their way across social media, and MSM claims that without Trump rallies, 700 people would be alive.

KTLA: Trump’s rallies kill people

Let’s dig in a little deeper. The actual study is available, and their methodology is alarming at best. First, “researchers” assembled a list of Trump rallies via Wikipedia (no, really). Then the researchers studied the “COVID-19 trajectories” before and after Trump rallies in counties that held rallies. Specifically, the researched focused on Marathon and Winnebago Counties in Wisconsin.

So MSM’s researchers figured, based on assumption and broad extrapolation, that Trump rallies killed 700 people by studying two Wisconsin counties numbers before and after a rally and then applying the standard COVID-19 death rate of 0.02%.

No actual deaths…just math

Did anyone die from a Trump rally? Probably not. But that’s what the media wants you to believe, and the studies that support the narrative are nothing but conjecture. There aren’t any confirmed deaths from Trump rallies, so they made 700 imaginary ones.

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