Masks Now Required Outdoors in Denver, and a Bunch of Other Communism:

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Mayor Hancock announced new restrictions for the city of Denver on October 16th, 2020. The guidelines are neither logical nor based on any data.

Denver’s New Guidelines

Anyone inside the city of Denver, unless playing sports, must wear a mask. Gathering size has been reduced from 10 to 5 people.

Violations of this order are subject to a fine of up to $1000 and up to 300 days in jail. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of room for you in Denver Metro Corrections Center. Remember, Colorado Corrections released hundreds of inmates in the Spring for fear of Coronavirus spreading amongst the incarcerated population.

Apparently at the time, although masks are so effective according to Governor Polis, Mayor Hancock, and CDPHE, not one person in the correctional system here in Colorado thought to simply force inmates to wear masks. None of that makes any sense. Don’t play around with this mask order, though, or else you will be thrown into that same C19-ridden jail.

Additionally, Mayor Hancock warned that if the number of cases don’t begin to ebb, Denverites will face more restrictions via restaurants, liquor stores, curfews, and the same useless Chinese-type measures the city faced in March and April.

This all still seems legit to those who haven’t connected the dots.

The Colorado Herald