Lyon’s Den Stand for Freedom Rally Sunday

Lyon’s Den Restaurant & Taphouse in Lyons, Colorado has stood up to King Polis’ mandates longer and harder than most restaurants. When Polis and the health department sent letters to Lyon’s Den demanding that the owners stop serving indoor customers, the restaurant remained open.

The week before Thanksgiving, Polis, CDPHE, and COVID communists across the state worried that Lyon’s Den would become a super spreader, liberal word salad for something that triggers a meltdown. CDPHE sent Lyons Den a cease and desist letter and threatened to rescind their liquor license December 3rd for with Rona restrictions.

The restaurant held its ground and remained open, but on December 5th, liquor enforcement agents raided the restaurant and seized their liquor license and entire stock of liquor because we now live in a .

Uniformed agents can enter your property and take your things…because Rona.

Speaker Mark Milliman

Not to be outdone, Denise and the rest of the staff at Lyon’s Den decided to throw a protest; protests are still allowed by King Polis. Remember BLM? They don’t have to follow any rules. Lyon’s Den titled today’s protest “Stand for Freedom Rally.”

The event was filled with speakers such as Mark Milliman, Republican candidates for House District 11. Milliman spoke about a wide array of topics like lost freedoms and the idiocy of PCR tests. Plenty of protestors also lined the street outside the restaurant to catch passerby’s attention regarding communist lockdowns.

Protestors outside Lyon’s Den

According to Denise, co-owner, negative repercussions like the Communist state of Polis seizing toilets or chairs have not occurred as of this writing. Seeing as how Blantifa rallies are allowed and loved by King Polis, Lyon’s Den’s event seems just fine. If you’re in the area, be sure to support the freedom-loving folks at Lyon’s Den.

Friends of the restaurant also have a account established to help with extra costs during lockdowns and to keep staff afloat.