Liquor gestapo out in full force in Eastern CO

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Two restaurants in Eastern Colorado were paid visits by a criminal investigator with the liquor division in the last forty-eight hours.

Both Club Tap and Home Plate Restaurants in Fort Morgan received complaints that they may not be “compliant.” Since licensing divisions hold all the power in 2020, Club Tap was told by the criminal investigator

The criminal investigator told Club Tap that it could lose its liquor license after the restaurant opened to indoor dining this week. Club Tap agreed to close indoor dining, as the restaurant can not afford to lose its liquor license.

Home Plate’s statement

For most restaurants, alcohol sales comprise twenty to forty percent of total sales, and total profit margin is only around ten to thirty-three percent. Additionally, the state has from a restaurant in Lyons that refused to comply.

Liquor enforcement agent

Serving alcohol without a license is a criminal offense, so Polis and the state hold all the power to force compliance from restaurants. Owners are left with the choice to lose their licenses or lose their livelihood, and it’s becoming clear the only choice is to not comply. This “pandemic” has allowed Polis to lockdown businesses and people for ten months, and there’s no end in sight until the people of Colorado forge one and stand up to the gestapo.

The Colorado Herald