It’s wedding time, Colorado!

Thanks to the recent ruling that Governor Cuomo of New York acted unconstitutionally when restricting numbers at religious gatherings, states must backtrack on any restrictions they placed on churches or face future legal actions.

Colorado Department of Public Health released amended guidelines for religious gatherings late Monday evening. The state:

“Worship and ceremonies such as weddings and funerals are classified as essential. This means that they must do their best to follow public health recommendations but may exceed recommended capacity caps if they cannot conduct their essential activity within those restrictions. They still must require masks indoors and other prevention measures like 6-foot spacing between members of different households and appropriate sanitation. Outdoor activities are still strongly preferred.”

The amended permit weddings and funerals, which Coloradoans have missed sorely during unnecessary shutdowns. The new guidelines state that people should still social distance and follow associated health guidelines like wearing a mask.

This recent development echoes how crucial it is for the US Supreme Court to maintain a conservative majority; one could only imagine the atrocities committed during the “pandemic” if the court held a liberal majority. Americans should be thankful to the Senate for confirming Amy Coney Barrett quickly; our freedoms relied on that confirmation.

It’s wedding time!